Underground Movement: Cave Diving in Jämtland from Klättermusen on Vimeo.

The Dolinsjö Cave is a an underwater cave system that was discovered in 1979. Expedition Bjurälven is an annual expedition, exploring the depths of the cave. So far, the expedition has reached 1.7 kilometres into the cave, but noone knows how far it stretches.


Curt from Brendan Hearne on Vimeo.

CURT is a short documentary about 50-year-old competitive surfer, Curt Harper. Diagnosed with autism as a child, Curt faced many challenges growing up, but one thing that came easy was his love for surfing. Over the past 21 years, Curt has become a beloved fixture in the Southern California surf scene, having played an unlikely, yet vital role in the growth and development of multiple generations of groms.

Director/ Editor: Brendan Hearne
Producers: Brendan Hearne and Jordan Tappis
Executive Producers: Jordan Tappis and Beau Willimon
Music: Blake Mills
Cinematography: David G. Wilson, Josh Salzman, Mack Fisher
Production Company: Westward Productions


Sonidos Líquidos 2015 - La Geria from Adrian Rodriguez on Vimeo.

Resumen de la clausura de Sonidos Líquidos 2015 celebrado en Bodega La Geria - Lanzarote el sábado 20 de junio. Con las actuaciones de: Los 300, Anaut, Vetusta Morla, The Kraters, Addictive TV y Denis Rodd y al que asistieron 3000 personas.

Video for Sonidos Liquidos 2015 closing concert last 20th of june at La Geria wine cellar (Lanzarote).
It plays Los 300, Anaut, Vetusta Morla, The Kraters, Addictive TV and Denis Rodd for 3000 people crowd.

Film: Pedro Perez, David Bethancort, David, Ruben Acosta, Nicolás Melián, Adrián Rodríguez
Edit: Adrián Rodríguez

Music: Fuel Fandango - Shiny Soul

Motion from Morgan Maassen on Vimeo.

Morgan Maassen
direct • film • edit

motion clients: Audi, Corona, Samsung, Volvo, Delta Airlines, Peugeot, NBC Universal, Monster Energy, Quiksilver, Patagonia, Billabong, prAna, Nixon, Roxy, Hurley, Teen Vogue, National Geographic, United Nations

shot on Red Dragon & Epic
music: "After Gold" by Kelpe